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An incredible experience with a boat ride, open bar, food, a live performance featuring dancers and acrobatics, and dancing on the beach on a private island

Inspired by a Mexican legend from the Mesoamerican folk region, a nagual (pronounced na’wal), is a human who has the power to shapeshift into their animal counterpart. The legend is tied to the belief that one can access power and spiritual insight by connecting with their animal counterpart within. We’ve taken that legend and created Nahuales, a Mystical Night - a show where our performers will find their animal "counterparts," amazing you with their acrobatic talents.

This spectacular live performance features professional dancers and circus-like performances, including a live fire dance! You’ll be amazed at the acrobatic performances held on a stage at a private beach. The show is approximately 40 minutes long, and afterward, you’ll be able to meet and talk with each performer. A DJ will then take over and you can dance on the party stage and enjoy the evening on the secluded private beach. There are special guests planned for some shows, which may extend showtime.

Your ticket includes access to a boat ride (approximately 45 minutes) with an open bar and food (including fruits, snacks and three types of ceviches – including a vegetarian option), prepared by authentic local Mexican residents of the island that you will visit. When you arrive, the boat will dock at a pier, and, on the beach, you can dance to music played by a local DJ, and watch the sunset. After the sunset, the real show begins! Your ticket to the show also supports local Mexican talent, since the show is produced and performed by all locals, many of whom you may recognize from other local performances.

(*This performance is not held at the Act2PV venue.)

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THE PLATTERS AND MORE, Starring Keith Tynes

Opening Night February 12, 2023

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11 Show(s)