ROCKY vs 007

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ROCKY vs 007

A live concert combining the music of megahits, Rocky & 007

Showing at Marsha's Red Room Cabaret, Act2PV
This exciting new show, featuring the live band, IBIZA, along with vocalists Arturo de La Barrera and Lily Domp, combines the characteristic big band/jazz sounds of the mega-hits, Rocky and 007. This unique pairing is actually an unexpected delight! When you hear the first “power chords” of songs like Eye of the Tiger, Living in America, Skyfall, Live and Let Die, etc., it doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’re doing…. you always stop dead in your tracks and instantly remember the suspense, the thrills, the heartache and the triumph of these iconic films! This show is truly a walk down Memory Lane and will bring back the undeniable emotions that you experienced watching these megahits the very first time!

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3 Show(s)


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ROCKY vs 007

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