RISE - starring Steven Retchless  (Red Room)

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RISE - starring Steven Retchless (Red Room)

Tales of an androgynous singer, dancer and international champion pole dancer, featuring Steven Retchless.

THURSDAYS - 6:00 pm

Androgynous singer/dancer, America's Got Talent finalist & International Pole Dancing Champion, Steven Retchless, returns to Act2PV for his 3rd exciting year with another hit show! Featuring an incredible blend of singing, story-telling, dancing, pole-dancing (and some special surprises), this show is lauded by everyone, including gays, straights, old, young, nationals and foreigners. It is a must-see at Act2PV!

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
Steven Retchless, A Star is born! “This young man held the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he stepped on stage until the last second of his show! Simply amazing...his stories, his dancing and his singing is like you’ve never experienced before...he sang in Spanish “Llorona” which brought the audience to tears....if you go see any show, if you want to do any one thing...you need to see Steven Retchless!!!”

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
"Steven Retchless ... is not just a pretty package but a truly talented performer. Vallarta is so lucky to have him. The show is not only entertaining but has touching personal moments as well. It is just a fun night, so go make an evening of it."

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
Steven Retchless in his one man show ... is a one of a kind show. Dancing, singing, gymnastics, sexuality, sensuality, storytelling all woven together with honesty, vulnerability, humor, and authenticity."

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