Nick & Nicky The Movie by Patrick Askin

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Nick & Nicky The Movie by Patrick Askin

Sunday April 11th
7:00 - Open for service
8:00 - Nick & Nicky The Movie

ACT2pV has thought out of the box to create fun entertainment while perfectly following red button protocols.
This time we welcome an independent production presented by Patrick Askin.
Nick & Nicky is a modern day comedy and murder mystery inspired by the many classic Holliwood comedies of the 1930s. Essencially , the movie invokes the sparkling, witty spirit of these films and recreares it in an upscale, modern gay day, gay setting. The two primary characters are a very wealthy , attractive, gay couple, one older , the other younger who have returned to New York City in order to get married. However, they end up embarking on a crime solving adventure. The plot goes back an forth from the development of their relationship and the solving of a series of grisly murders. The action takes place in the rarified world of the Upper East Side, The Hamptons and Palm Beach.

About Patrick Askin

Patrick Askin is a New York based actor and writer with experience in theater, film and televisión. Credits include Michael Clayton, Sex and the City, Violet Tendencies and A Four Letter Word. He has written and performs a one man show entitled POSING.
NICK and NICKY represents his screenwritting debut.

Let's support independent arts!

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