Louis Whitaker  starring in  BACKWARDS BROADWAY (Red Room)

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Louis Whitaker starring in BACKWARDS BROADWAY (Red Room)

A gender-reversing take on Broadway hits


Broadway Backwards puts a whole new twist on your favorite Broadway show tunes! In this highly entertaining show, the handsome and talented Louis Whitaker sings your favorite Broadway show tunes that were originally written for a woman! Accompanied on the piano by Brett Rowe, hilarity abounds, and these Broadway hits take on a whole new meaning when a boy sings them! Featuring songs such as Anything Goes, Broadway Baby, Tomorrow, Don’t Rain on My Parade, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and many more, Louis shares his own personal journey through the great songs of musical theater!

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
Broadway Backwards a Must See!
"A feel good experience watching a professional musical career take-off! Louis Whitaker leaped on stage and gave audiences a 65 minute show packed full of well selected Broadway tunes and complimentary staging! Broadway Backwards is in fact the professional start of a promising cabaret crooner career that won't disappoint. Laced with some clever fast-paced lyric verses and some personal tender moments, it's no wonder audiences provided a well deserved standing ovation! Cheers to Brett on piano and the Red Room sound enhances the over-all production value! A must see for anyone who enjoys Broadway songs."

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
Louis Whitaker performing Broadway Backwards. Highly recommend!
Wonderful show with Louis Whitaker performing at Act2 PV in the Red Room. Such a wonderful performance of some amazing Broadway hits. Recommend his show ‘Broadway Backwards’ to people coming to town!

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