“LIONEL RICHIE & STEVIE WONDER,” starring Kevin-Anthony (Red Room)

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“LIONEL RICHIE & STEVIE WONDER,” starring Kevin-Anthony (Red Room)

A musical tribute to Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder

SUNDAYS - 6:00 pm

Kevin-Anthony II, 8-year Broadway veteran and featured entertainer at Vidanta World, has burst into the Vallarta entertainment scene and delivers a breathtaking and powerhouse performance as he sings the music of two of the most iconic musicians in the world, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder! With songs such as “All Night Long,” “Brick House,” and “Easy,” “Signed, Sealed & Delivered,” “Superstition,” “Higher Ground” (and so many more), Kevin breathes his own sense of life into each song and is accompanied by the exciting LIVE Roxsand Band! This high-octane, world-class performer takes entertainment to a new level in Puerto Vallarta! LIVE BAND!

Trip Advisor ★★★★★
My fav show in town!!!!! Kevin is Not just an amazing singer, he’s more than that - a great human.

Trip Advisor ★★★★★
Kevin-Anthony - excellent show at Act2PV!!
Nov 2021
Great to be back in PV and opening season at Act 2 did not disappoint tonight. Kevin-Anthony gave an excellent performance of Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder songs. We saw a sample of his show when we were here in May, but had to return home before we got to see his full show. We knew we wanted to see him again when we returned this week. Act 2 has the best live entertainment in town - a variety that has something for everybody. We’ve never been disappointed and are looking forward to seeing several more shows in the coming weeks!

Trip Advisor ★★★★★
10/21/20 - "Stevie Wonder/Lionel-Kevin Anthony is a a gift to us all. He brings the a version of soul that has been lost. He brings the love back to performances that has been deeply missed. His voice is like a lullaby that is being sung by the one you love the most or like a hug so good you don’t want to ever let go! His voice makes you feel happy to be alive! His shows are playful, fun and it’s makes you want to dance! I’ve never been to his show and NOT been up on my two left feet singing gently out of key....lol. ( thank goodness no one can hear me!) It’s a true space of fun!"

Trip Advisor ★★★★★
”… Kevin Anthony's show is Amazing, his voice is incredible and the musicians are unbelievable. Just Amazing.”

Trip Advisor ★★★★★
"...Kevin sings great hits from Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder. If you have not seen this show, GO, NOW, before it is over. Kevin is a true entertainer. Fabulous voice and excellent moves."

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