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A professionally choreographed male dance revue, featuring Ximena Esparza as the

Showing at Marsha's Red Room Cabaret, Act2PV
Act2PV has found the sexiest male dancers in Puerto Vallarta, and now they’re SIZZLING in a HOT SHOW called "IT’S RAINING MEN!" Featuring the sexy seductress, Ximena Esparza, as "Mistress" of Ceremonies, this spectacular presentation has everything you could ever want… from SENSUAL choreography, SEXY striptease, and SEDUCTIVE music... to the hardest bodies you’ve ever seen... bumping and grinding to your heart’s content! This unique male burlesque show is a feast of flesh and fantasy, with plenty of chiseled bodies to grate your wildest dreams on. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female - there’s something for everybody! It’s perfect for a Girl’s Night Out (or a Boy’s Night Out!), a Bachelor Party, a Divorce Party, or just an intimate and seductive soiree! The important thing is to leave your inhibitions at home and get your ticket now! IT’S RAINING MEN…. and the storm is coming to Act2PV! (*Adult content)

Adult Content Concert Dance Drag

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23 Show(s)


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