IT'S MY PARTY - The GREATEST Girl Groups of the 60’s (Starlight Cabaret)

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IT'S MY PARTY - The GREATEST Girl Groups of the 60’s (Starlight Cabaret)


"It’s My Party" takes you on a journey to a place where you can close your eyes and instantly be transported back to a simpler time… a place where you can practically touch that feeling you had when you were a teenager. We encourage you to close your eyes, sing along, remember that first kiss, remember hanging out with your girlfriends, and remember that feeling of first love.

Close your eyes and remember what you were doing when you first heard the sweet sounds of Dedicated to the One I Love, Chapel of Love, Baby Love, Chain of Fools, Stop in the Name of Love, My Boyfriend’s Back, and many more….

Come and take a trip with us! You are guaranteed to leave the theater feeling like a teenager once again!

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
"My wife and I attended Opening Night of It's My Party - A Tribute to the 60's. We found the talent extraordinary (of Las Vegas quality), the choreography outstanding (comparable to Broadway), and the open air atmosphere amazing. Danny Minnini has identified and attracted incredible talent to Puerto Vallarta. The performances here are always engaging, entertaining, and spectacular. We come weekly and are never disappointed."

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
It’s More than a Party! It’s an EXPERIENCE

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