Fleetwood Mac / Eagles

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Fleetwood Mac / Eagles

A Musical Tribute featuring PV’s #1 Musical duo, Us Two, and their Live Band

Wednesdays - 6:30 pm

UsTwo (and their LIVE BAND) returns to the stage with their record-breaking musical tribute to the everlasting and timeless music of two unforgettable groups from the 70s… FLEETWOOD MAC and THE EAGLES!

Both Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles are considered to be two of the top musical groups in history. Together, they epitomize some of the most well-known rock/pop musical sounds of the 70s. UsTwo will perform songs that bring back memories from these two great groups, such as New Kid in Town, One of These Nights, Take It Easy, Heartache Tonight, Dreams Everywhere, Landslide, Desperado and many more. Their repertoire changes with each performance, but these amazing vocalists will treat you to an unforgettable evening of music, as well as an evening to remember!

TripAdvisor ★★★★★
Us Two Daniel and Noemi
“We saw both of the “Us Two and the band” shows. They were the great classic Eagles/ Fleetwood Mac and the Abba/Elton John shows. We loved every minute of them they and left us feeling uplifted and wanting more. Daniel and Noemí are true professionals and engage the audience with the magnetic personalities and humor.

We had concerns about visiting a live show in these pandemic times and went to check out the Act 2 venue beforehand. We needed have been concerned. The exceptional Abba/Elton show on Sunday was in the brand new rooftop outdoor theater, with distanced seating and all protocols being followed. It will be out of this world on a full moon evening. On Wednesday the spectacular Eagles/Fleetwood Mac show took place on the Main Stage with blocked off seats for social distancing, new air flow systems using Heppa filtration.”

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