EDIE WITH A D, starring Edie (star of Las Vegas' FAAABULOUS)

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EDIE WITH A D, starring Edie (star of Las Vegas' FAAABULOUS)

EDIE, former host of Cirque du Soliel's ZUMANITY and current star of Las Vegas' FAAABULOUS, returns to Act2PV!

Act2PV is thrilled that Las Vegas' famous star, Edie, returns to Act2PV this season! This grand dame of Las Vegas drag queens... a tall, slender chanteuse, with long, well-toned legs... will give you a taste of Las Vegas burlesque! She sings! She dances! She shocks! But one thing for sure is that, as Edie floats around the stage clad in her black negligee and trademark bouffant wig, she will add a ladylike touch to the sexually-charged atmosphere. She is a master at chatting with the audience adlib and wrangling some of them onto the stage with her for some fun antics. An evening with Edie will be remembered for a lifetime!

EDIE is best known from Cirque du Soleil’s hit show ZUMANITY where she starred as the emcee, the “Mistress of Sensuality,” at the NY-NY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. During her 13-year run, EDIE performed over 5,600 shows for over 6 million people. EDIE began her professional dance career at age 17 with Ballet Oregon. For the next eleven years, she danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet Chicago, and Pennsylvania Ballet before moving to New York to pursue musical theater. EDIE quickly became a fixture in New York City where she racked up a bevy of awards including Best Drag Queen (HX Award), Best Dance Artist and Entertainer of the Year (Glammy Award). She starred in her autobiographical, off-Broadway show “LEGS!,” performed on the MTV Video Music Awards, appeared on “Sex and the City,” was featured at Wigstock and Broadway Bares, and made her Broadway debut alongside Cyndi Lauper and Alan Cumming in the Tony-nominated revival of “The ThreePenny Opera” at Studio 54. The San Francisco Chronicle “strongly advises seeing the incredible EDIE whose talent and legs go on forever.” EDIE currently stars in “Faaabulous! The Show,” where she serves as host/performer/creator/producer in the only live singing drag show in Las Vegas at Notoriety Live! Tickets are available now at www.act2pv.com.

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