July 7, 2022

Hello, Hello, Hello!

This was the familiar and anticipated greeting of Act2PV founder, Danny Mininni, before he sadly, and unexpectedly passed away in April. This loss is huge for ACT2PV, its family of staff and performers, and the theatrical community of Puerto Vallarta. Not only is the enthusiastic and visionary leadership of Puerto Vallarta’s “Greatest Showman” gone, but ACT2PV is in need of some financial assistance.

As Danny’s business partners, we are working very hard and are fully committed to keeping Danny’s vision alive! It is fortunate that we have both been involved with Danny in the administration of the theater since its inception, with Oscar continuing on in his role as Operations Manager, and Alfonso continuing as Artistic Director managing all the shows, working with the artists and tech staff, as well as dealing with budgeting and financial issues.

In addition to our huge array of musical cabaret, drag shows, dance shows and concerts planned for the 2022/2023 season, we also have some wonderful Main Stage productions including Mamma Mia!, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Rock of Ages, Best of Broadway and Chicago! We have to pay upfront for the rights to present these shows, there are sets to build, costumes to procure, and lots of other expenses involved in opening the next season.

As you may know, surviving the pandemic was difficult for many businesses around the world. Act2PV was no exception. We are very thankful, though, that Danny was able to pay off the past-due rent (incurred during the pandemic) shortly before he passed away. Monies that he had set aside to get ACT2PV through the long summer were secured in a safe in Danny’s apartment. However, upon Danny’s passing, those funds were confiscated along with all of Danny’s other personal effects. They are now tied up in his estate, to be dealt with by his family and beneficiaries. While there are internal documents confirming that the funds belong to ACT2PV, it could take up to two years for the estate to be settled and for those funds to be returned.

Today, with a committee of dedicated volunteers by our side, we are launching a fundraising campaign, along with many sponsorship opportunities, to raise the necessary funds to keep ACT2PV afloat until the high season begins again in November. So we are asking you, the friends of ACT2PV, to please make a financial contribution. Any amount that you can donate will help! You may donate at, via bank transfer, or at our box office. More information about sponsorships and donations is shown below.

We are committed to continuing the same level of high-quality entertainment that you’ve come to love at the largest performance venue in Puerto Vallarta. And, while we will never again hear Danny welcome us with that familiar “Hello, Hello, Hello,” his spirit will live on through the shows that will continue to grace the three stages at ACT2PV. If you have any questions, or would like more information on how you can help, please call Sharon Gerber at 916-803-4567 or send her an email at We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration of support for Act2PV. With your help, we promise that the show will go on.

With much gratitude,

Oscar Adrian Cisneros
Alfonso Lopez

Sharon Gerber (Chair), Stephanie Wright Watts, Tom Bernes, Nik & Cate Valcic, Howard & Marsha Ross, Cassandra Shaw, Glenn Kacic, Mary Ann Runaldue, Jan Dorland & Rob Burton.

ACT2PV Sponsorship Opportunities 2022-2023 Season


All of these sponsorship options apply to Season 2022/2023 only!

If you do not wish to become a sponsor of Act2PV at this time, but would like to give a donation, please send your donation to, If you would like to send a wire transfer from your bank, contact us at Or, you may pay at our box office. Every little bit helps, and we thank you for your consideration!